Sunanda Verma, The Daftar – Pune

I am a first-generation serial entrepreneur who has a knack of identifying Uber innovative ideas & make them happen. Before taking a plunge into entrepreneurship, I have spent several years in brand management in the diverse domains of pharmaceuticals, FMCG – food & beverages and services Industry. However, a few years ago a serendipitous shot at the coworking industry inspired me to foray into Entrepreneurship and led to the foundation of The Daftar. This decision of mine has taken me through a roller coaster ride full of life-transforming experiences, so much so that entrepreneurship has become an integral part of me now.

THE DAFTAR is a community-centric coworking space with more than 1500 community members including startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers, coders, offshore companies, & more. We love creating an inspirational & collaborative work environment and being the hub for startup activity.