Pratik Potnis, TRIOS Coworking (Pune)

After working at Cisco Systems for 5 years on advanced networking technologies, Pratik started his own software and services company Quexa Systems PVT LTD. Quexa Systems built network device life cycle management software suite and had customers in US and Dubai. Quexa Systems got acquired by FixStream networks – US based based company, with a vision to integrate Quexa’s software expertise with FixStream’s Data centre platform.
Post acquisition and working with FixStream for couple of years, Pratik founded TRIOS Coworking PVT LTD with his wife Tejasa Potnis in 2015. With four operational branches in Pune, TRIOS is spreading its wings very soon and leaving no stones unturned to grab opportunity of Coworking industry in other parts of the country.
With keen understanding of real estate market, Pratik also heads the property and construction firm – Nisarg lake view developers.