Diksha Pande, Director of People Excellence CoWrks (Bengaluru)

Diksha Pande is Director of Experience and People Excellence at CoWrks.

She has mastered the intricacies of real-time operations and is adept at rallying teams to push the envelope when it comes to creating exceptional, unforgettable customer experiences. Passionate about building enduring relationships and converting members into ambassadors for CoWrks, Diksha is deeply involved in building a strong organisational culture.

Her focused attention on the finer details, such as ensuring that the coffee is brewed to perfection, extending her support to members and curating events of tremendous value, ensures that each brand touchpoint is extraordinary. Diksha was previously Head of Customer Experience and People Excellence at Chai Point. With a background in hospitality, she worked with the Oberoi group for a decade and was the youngest recipient of the Food & Beverage Manager of the year at The Hotelier India Awards 2012.

Diksha holds a postgraduate degree in Hotel Operations from the Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development and a certificate in Finance for Senior Executives from the Indian Institute of Management.