Chelsea Perino, global marketing Director The Executive Centre (Hong Kong)

Chelsea Perino is the global marketing Director of The Executive Centre, a Hong Kong based network of coworking spaces.

With an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Linguistics from NYU and after a four year solo trip around the world, Chelsea Perino first discovered her love for advertising in Cape Town, South Africa. There, Chelsea spent two years running all things marketing related for an experiential marketing startup, before returning to New York to complete her MA in Public and Organizational Relations.

Since then Chelsea has worked in advertising both in New York and most recently in Seoul, South Korea, leading digital strategy for a global mobile communications brand. Now based in Hong Kong, Chelsea is the Global Marketing Director at The Executive Centre, Asia’s premiere private and remote workspace and coworking provider.

Chelsea is passionate about organizational culture and believes that creating a dynamic and collaborative working experience positively affects team morale, productivity, and fosters community. Through a newly developed global marketing strategy and complete re-brand, her goal is to establish The Executive Centre as the leader in workspace experience, community and corporate-culture facilitation.