Why you can’t miss the first Coworking India conference

1. Become a pioneer of the startup and digital freelancer’s nation

The inaugural Coworking India Conference will be the first attempt at bringing together coworking spaces, incubators, business centers, accelerators, community builders, entrepreneurship activists, investors, real estate partners and all others interested in the evolution of the social workspace.

Be one of the first people to take part of the Indian coworking movement, a country that already boasts 15 million active freelancers, making India second only to the United States in terms of independent workers.

2. Building up the coworking community

A diverse community of Indian coworking pioneers will meet in Delhi from the 9th to the 10th of September 2016. These coworking enthusiasts will be coming from more than 15 different cities within India and beyond: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Dharamsala, Mumbai, Delhi, Dhaka (Bangladesh), Hong Kong (China), Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), Washington DC (US), San Francisco (US) and Melbourne (Australia).

The inaugural Coworking India conference will be a chance to jump-start collaborations in an effort to connect, share and grow with one another. Joining forces with other coworking spaces allows individual players stronger when it comes to working with other business sectors, such as local institutions, sponsors, investors, real estate partners, and other potential customers. It’s time to start a conversation and build a network of trust between other coworking communities that will benefit everybody.

3. Networking and learning

This event will be a unique opportunity to learn about how to create and stimulate vibrant communities of startups and digital freelancers. We will also focus on topics such as sharing knowledge, success stories and experiences related to coworking space management and development.  

Coworking India is a unique opportunity to connect with the top experts in the coworking world, and a chance to spark interesting relationships, and, hopefully, a chance to collaborate on new exciting projects.

Coworking is about people!

4. Delhi coworking scene

Delhi is one of the cities currently leading the coworking movement in India, with about 26 active coworking spaces. When in Delhi, be sure to explore such spaces as CoworkIn, 91Springboard, Stirring Minds, Startup Tunnel, Innov8 or One Internet… just to mention a few!

5. Coworking India party

An evening filled with music, drinks, networking, and conversation will wrap up 2 days of inspiring talks, discussions, and workshops. Coworking India is more than just a conference. We are passionate about coworking, people and, of course, we love having fun!

Join us in Delhi! Book your ticket here.