Program Coworking India 2017

Our conference theme ?

Coworking boosting the Digital Economy in India


Coworking India 2017 will be organized on December 13th in Mumbai.

The second edition aims to connect and support the development of professional communities in accelerators, incubators, innovation hubs and of course, coworking spaces within the country and beyond.

1-day event dedicated to storytelling, discussions, sharing best practices, co-creation workshops, peer to peer learning, brainstorming new ideas and, why not, build up and collaborate on new exciting projects.

A unique opportunity to address openly all the topics related to the coworking model by sharing knowledge, success stories and experiences from the leaders of the coworking industry.

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One Day Conference

  • 10.00 Registration
  • 10.30 Welcome by organisers Social Workplaces and World Office Expo
  • 10.35 Introduction to the coworking scene in Mumbai


  • 10.50 Coworking a worldwide growing phenomenum . Disclousure of the latest recent data

    Jean-Yves Huwart – Social Workplaces (Europe)


  • 11.05 Developing a network of premium Coworking in India


  • 11.15 How coworking is disrupting the traditional office

    Vikas Lakhani, InstaOffice (New Delhi)

    Interactive workshop

  • 11.55 Twitter Express

    Line up and get a 20 seconds speech slot for everyone who wishes it to introduce him/herself, share a message or a thought. Open to all attendees. Limited time frame

  • 12.15 Break
  • 12.45 How to build up the ecosystems through coworking - Freelancers, startups, corporates


  • 13.20 Lunch
  • 15.00 Does a coworking association make sense ?


  • 15.50 Break
  • 16.00 How to focus on retention in a service industry. Application to the coworking industry

    Saahil Wadhwa – Easy Daftar (Kolkata)

    Interactive workshop

  • 16.40 Break

  • 16.50 Tips before you begin your coworking trip; Where to start

    Interactive workshop

  • 19.00 Coworking India Party